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Teddy Bears: The Bear DVD

Adapted from a wonderful story by Raymond Briggs The Bear is a perfect film to watch at Christmas time with the children. Produced in the same animated format as The Snowman, possibly Briggs's most famous creation, The Bear tells a magical story about a little girl and her adventures with a polar bear. The film encapsulates the magical world that children can easily step into and will fire their imaginations as they watch the little girl befriend the huge polar bear.

The Story

The story begins at The North Pole where a baby polar bear becomes separated from his family and is picked up by a passing ship only to end up in a zoo far away from home. The little girl visits the zoo with her parents, buys a snow globe with two bears inside as a souvenir of her visit then inadvertantly drops her toy teddy bear into the polar bears pit. The polar bear picks up the toy taking it into his lair leaving the little girl distraught. When it is bedtime she is inconsolable as she is missing her favourite teddy bear.

The littel girl falls asleep only to be woken, much to her suprise by the polar bear from the zoo who has come to return the teddy bear. She makes friends with the polar bear keeping him in the house all the following day, while as you can imagine they have lots of fun together. There is one little section where the family is sitting watching The Snowman film on their TV. We like the way Briggs brings his characters from different books together, its a nice touch.

That night the little girl follows the polar bear outside climbing on his back to be taken on a great adventure. They look up into the sky to see the Great Bear, which is a constellation of stars, to find the bear comes to life as a huge twinkling starry polar bear that flies about the skies as they follow on foot. The little girl picks up a star that has fallen and places it in her pocket. Eventually twinkly bear leads them to the docks where the ships leave for far flung places and points to a bright star in the sky. He beckons to the polar bear to follow the star as it will lead him home to his family.

The polar bear dives into the sea and swims off leaving the little girl heart broken but twinkly bear has other ideas and picks her up flying over the roof tops to take her home. When she wakes in the morning she remembers what happened and puts her hand in her pocket to take out the star that floats up in the sky to join the Great Bear Constellation. The film has a lovely ending where the polar bear is reunited with his family at The North Pole.

Our Verdict

Although the ending of the film is a little sad it is balanced by the fact that the polar bear finds his family again. This makes a good talking point for the children as we found our children wanted to discuss why the polar bear had left the little girl. All in all The Bear is a superb Christmas film that kids and adults alike will enjoy.

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