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screenshot of Trickalized game

Sorry Tony Hawk, your time to shine has all but passed: snowboarding is back in now; didn’t you get the memo? Riding on these trucks-less skateboards over vast expanses of fluffy snow covering a semi-urbanised environment is the very specific branch of snowboarding involved in Trickalized, a game involving masses of tricks required of a multitude of challenges that take you through the basics and then into the advanced-s of this cold-weather almost-sport, and in full 3D with the option of full-screen. Sick. 

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Snowboard Madness

screenshot of Snowboard Madness game

Being warm is overrated, so why not strap your two feet to one snowboard and have multiple hours of fun with Snowboard Madness? Shockwave is the engine on which this game is based, so you’ve got 3D snowboarding experience as standard with some serious longevity and some skill-requiring slopes in 12 countries to shred in addition, so what’s not to enjoy? Perhaps you’re afraid to go up against the stiff competition in simulated sub-zero temperatures? Better prove me wrong by winning all of the tournaments then, hadn’t you? 

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Big Snow Tricks

screenshot of Big Snow Tricks game

Why restrict yourself to just one mode of snow-borne transportation for performing stunts? Surely if you have the option for more you would take it, and this is one of the reasons why Big Snow Tricks will be more successful than games that stick to simply one sport. Big Snow Tricks lets you take to the stunt-ramp using either skis or a snowboard in order to perform as many tricks as you can fit in to three attempts. This is definitely a game to get you through the winter season without ever actually having to be cold.  

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Snow Riders

screenshot of Snow Riders game

When all is said and done, winter sports can really be boiled down to moving over surfaces covered with a substance that we wouldn’t ordinarily find on the ground, namely snow and ice. Snow Riders acknowledges this fact and instead of making us travel down slopes on a snowboard or go skiing in true slalom style, it gives us the opportunity to traverse the wonderful wintery lands with (relative) ease on a snowmobile that just so happens to shoot explosive spheres that can stun your opponents. With Snow Riders Get ready to enter into races that skirt around the rulebook somewhat, making snowmobiling into a contact sport and giving it an incendiary edge. 

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Avalanche Stunts

screenshot of Avalanche Stunts game

It’s difficult to beat around the metaphorical bush when the title of the game reveals pretty much everything that you need to know about it, but suffice it to say that this game is a high-speed mountain descender where performing a tail-grab is the least of your concerns. In Avalanche Stunts job is to outrun the avalanche that always seems to be advancing from behind, and if you so happen to find the time to squeeze in a few point-scoring stunts along the way, then its happy days for you and your rider.

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Snowline Game

screenshot of Snowline Gamegame

That damned Santa has gone and lost his reindeer, and as is usually the case with flash games, it is up to us to bail him out. Snow Line is a fun little puzzle game with a heavily festive them, with a physics-based element to the whole thing. Draw a line of snow to get Santa from one side of the screen to the other and reach the finish line, collecting the precious present along the way. 

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