Pandas Big Adventure Game

Travel Through Time and Space in Panda's Big Adventure

The story starts with London-based agent Panda receiving mission intel which describes an unknown alien device. This leads him to a top secret government bunker with a mysterious portaloo. Upon closer examination, he decides to do the right thing which is, well, to flush the toilet. This activates the device for time travel. Cue a Doctor Who-like cut scene and Panda is taken for a cosmic ride. However, things go terribly wrong as parts of the portaloo are dispersed all across time and space. As the title says, you must assist Panda in his big adventure to gather all the parts of the eerily familiar alien device so he can get back to the present.

The fun begins even before starting the actual game. Players are asked to power up a terminal in order to light up the play button, cleverly introducing the game mechanics off the bat. While we do give Panda's Big Adventure some brownie points for creativity, we wish it also tackled finer details such as the game's collectible critters.

Being a point and click game at heart, all in-game interactions in Panda's Big Adventure are simply a left mouse click away. Because all of time and space (fine, several preset scenarios) is available to you, the puzzles may seem daunting at first. Never fear, there is an in-game shortcut to the official walkthrough. For those who say nay to spoilers though, we can guarantee that it is possible to beat the game frustration-free.

If you are no stranger to point and click games, you may find the game length to be pretty short. Solutions are logical for the most part, with the occasional silly puzzle to keep things interesting. You may experience minor stumbles while trying to familiarize yourself with the game's nooks and crannies but at least you have snicker-worthy clues to help you along. Half an hour is more than enough time to see Panda's Big Adventure through, making it the perfect candidate for a snack break game.

The graphics aren't exactly Cute Overload-worthy but they do suit the game's witty delivery. Pop culture and literature references are scattered about the story, which is immediately apparent once you step into the Tardis-like Time Machine. You get to encounter a protective dinosaur, Frankenstein, a powerful Wizard who convinces you that being the King of England isn't all it's cracked up to be and Dave. Who is Dave? Play the game and you'll get the reference.

We're definitely big fans of the game's witty writing. Sure, there are a few typos here and there but the chuckles we get from reading the text more than makes up for it. On the other hand, we found the sluggish pace and significant skipping while using a standard net book quite bothersome. Options for graphic quality would have addressed this, but with the game performance as it is, we recommend that you use a device with above average specs.

We thoroughly enjoyed joining Panda in his big adventure. The game exceeded our expectations when it comes to its overall delivery. The graphics, while not sugary sweet, are polished and complements the in-game humor as well. We appreciate the pop culture and literature references and applaud the game for featuring seamless, logical puzzles. However, the game does tend to slow down on a standard net book, so if that's an issue then there are lighter browser games out there.

Basically, Bubble Box Games Pandas Big Adventure's pros greatly outweigh its cons. Regardless if you're young, old, a panda fan or simply looking for a short point and click game, we recommend that you ride this adventure-starting portaloo and check out Panda's Big Adventure.