Flappy Bird Game

The aim of Flappy Bird is simple - you click the mouse button to flap your bird and try not to crash into the pipes that appear from the right of the screen. Your score builds up by one point for every pipe you pass. The game has become ludicrously addictive with fans playing all day long.

The game which was developed by Dong Nguyen had to be pulled for various reasons including the developer receiving death threats from fans for the game being so addictive and supposedly for Nintendo who had been rumoured to have filed a law suit against the developer.

The game is a classic example of how you can take an existing concept and make it so much more appealing. This was also done when Angry Birds maker Rovio copied the concept from Crush the Castle makers Armor Games and made the idea far more appealing by using colourful cartoon birds and pigs as opposed to boring Kings, Queens and catapults. It seems that there is something about Birds that gets everyone all worked up, particularly when controlled on their phones!

Even though the game has been pulled on the App store for both iPhones and Android users the game is still available to play here in Flash version on your PC in a web browser. Enjoy and remember to take regular breaks (Don't avoid going to the toilet for the sake of one more go, the game will be waiting for you when you get back!)