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The Grizzly Bear

The Grizzly Bear: Screenshot 2

The Grizzly Bear is native to North America and is listed as endangered. These huge beautiful creatures must be protected and a lot is certainly being done to ensure that numbers do not dwindle further. Brown Bears don't reproduce as often as some of their counterparts explaining why the numbers don't swell as easily therfore it is up to us all to do all we can to help them with their plight.

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The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear: Screenshot

Polar bears are the largest of the bear family and are beautiful creatures. We must prevent global warming to ensure their survival in their natural habitat. The loss of the polar bear would be a catastrophe.

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Cute Bear DVDs to Watch

Teddy Bears: The Bear DVD

We all love teddy bears whether we are five years or sixty five. Most people had a favourite teddy when they were young, while some of us still have our favourite teddy to this day. There are many Teddy Bear themed articles for sale on amazon whether it’s the bears themselves or products that are bear related. Let’s take a look at some of the best Bear DVD's.

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